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About Us

Few people get a career doing what they love, but I have been blessed to work in this industry that I love for 20+ years. My career started as a merchandiser, and I have been fortunate to have opportunities on both the supplier and distributor side of the business. These ranged from managing the great state of Nebraska for MolsonCoors to moving to Milwaukee and then Kansas City until returning HOME to Omaha where I had the honor of leading Premier-Midwest Beverage Company for the past three years.


      As I grew along this wonderful career path, I also developed quite the love and appreciation for wine and spirits and could not shake the desire to put this experience to work for myself and my community. With the unwavering support of my wife Becky, we decided to take a gigantic leap of faith and open Bottles & Barrels. The mission of Bottles & Barrels is to provide a sampling and shopping experience like no other, complimented with genuine relationships and a welcoming atmosphere. We will accomplish this by having over 60 wines, spirits, craft cocktails and beers available to “try it before you buy it.” Simply check-in upon entering the store and you will receive a card enabling you to pour just the right amount to sample from our assortment of what’s on-tap. You’ll also be welcome to sit at any of our hang-out tables, several of which were produced from a beautiful black walnut tree that fell on a farm in Pickrell, Nebraska.


      You can count on Bottles & Barrels to have your familiar brands plus others that you may not have heard of or had the opportunity to try. We welcome your feedback and requests, which we will make every effort to obtain. We aim to become your preferred family-owned, local establishment for sampling and shopping and want you to always feel welcome with your family and friends.


On behalf of my entire family, we hope to see you soon and visit with you regularly at Bottles & Barrels.



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